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5 Ways you can use wardrobe to uplift your mood.

Written by Jasenya

First published: Sep 21, 2021 For THREADS Magazine

During these revolutionary times it is very important that we find ways to incorporate happiness into our lives. The energy to dress up and celebrate our style is in low stock. The only way to combat this is to implement tactics that will uplift your mood and get you excited to dress yourself for the day. This list will provide some advice to getting a head of your feelings before they get in control of your day.

1. Motivation

The process of delayed gratification can be painful, exhausting, and frustrating. Dressing for your goals or future self can boost your mood by motivating you to keep going. Motivation can also be found in your dress training for the life you want. Look at it as a dress rehearsal for the life you want. Figure out ways to dress as the CEO of a corporation or top manager of your company as motivation to keep on your chosen path and attract what you deserve.

2. Create Opportunities

Your wardrobe selections may be able to create the interest and strong first impressions that will attract the people and opportunities that will push you to the next step in your personal and professional goals. By dressing with intention and clarity in your purpose you will quickly see how your environment will adjust to support your role in society. Dressing with intention will also inspire others to think of you more often leading to an increase in referrals.

3. Nostalgia

Wearing an older relative's old garment or vintage pieces from your favorite era can boost your mood in many ways. The pride in wearing an elders items can motivate you to feel pride in your path and what you are contributing to your family legacy. Wearing old clothing can remind you of past battles won and inspire you to keep fighting the good fight.

4. Color therapy

It is a known fact the color affects our mood, thoughts, and feelings. This is also true to the colors that we wear on our bodies. Choosing to wear colors that make you happy and look good on you will certainly support feeling better and showing up in the world more centered. You can find”Happy colors” by checking out pain selections, the Pantone website, and looking up colors that have been scientifically found to stabilize or boost our mood. This practice does not have to be clothing, accessories also offer a great opportunity to add a happy pop of color to your look with our pushing you too far out of your comfort zone.

5. Build Confidence

It is a known fact that when you feel like you look good you will perform better. This is even more important on those days that you are not feeling your best. Finding ways to push thru and show up in your life with a consistent image will lead to genuine and sweet compliments that will help boost your mood and your confidence. You can also boost your own confidence by catching yourself looking good in a public window or mirror.

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