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Wardrobe Utilization Support
These services are focused on education or execution of meaningful and sustainable wardrobe utilization for commercial or personal use. 

You will be supported to explore why am I buying the wardrobe  I am buying? Why am I making the wardrobe choices to be used that I am? And how to embrace a healthy wardrobe mindset.

Services include: 
- Wardrobe  styling
-  Wardrobe Utilization Workshops

- Consulting 

** Book a consultation to get a quote for workshops.**

Business Administration support
These services were created to relieve stress and streamline your business organization and procedures.

- Consultations evaluate our operating roadblocks and provide information on how to stream line your processes. 
-- Each consultation comes with a post - consultation email with suggestions and resources.

- Production Management Services provides your project with streamlined logistical planning that will ease stress on set.

** Book a consultation to get a quote for workshops.**

Creative Project support
- Consultations will help you overcome creative roadblocks and clarify your creative vision.

-- Each con
sultation comes with a post - consultation email for your reference.

-Creative Direction provides support
to the creative vision of your project which will allow you to focus on the big picture of your project.  

- Shoot direction provides support to the aesthetics of your project.  

**Book a consultation to get a quote for workshops.** 

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