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About Styld n' EMRGD

Styld n’ EMRGD was launched in 2019 with a mission to empower individuals and fashion professionals to utilize wardrobe items as a tool for expression. For 3 years Owner Jasenya McCauley has worked with individuals on keeping a stylish & useful wardrobe, spread the word about the basics of personal image & care, Styled individuals for personal and business engagement, and produced dynamic looks for fashion photoshoots. Those days are now in the History of the company. 


NOW Styld n' EMRGD has adopted a B2B model. This shift allows the company to focus on the creative quality and marketability of its clients project while still offering professional service backed by years of education and experience.


Styld n’ EMRGD was created as a wild card reminder that unique creative visions make the strongest impact.


My clients are professionals looking to take a step out the box and embrace their more  idiosyncratic visions. 

Jasenya Q. McCauley, Owner

Begin your transformation today. Booking a session is easy.

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