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About Styld n' EMRGD

After overcoming a shopping addiction and learning how to have a healthy relationship with wardrobe items, Owner of Styld N’ EMRGD Jasenya McCauley grew a passion to teach others how to abandon impulsive and compulsive fashion buying and its contributing factors to diminish global fashion waste impact.


In 2019, Styld n’ EMRGD was founded, initially catering to individuals and professionals seeking image consulting, fashion styling, and wardrobe management services. 


The introduction of B2B and Wardrobe Utilization services was launched in 2020 to provide practical, efficient, stylish wardrobe solutions for various commercial projects as well as personal use. Consequently, the company now provides a mix of personal and B2B services, including commercial and personal wardrobe utilization, consultations, and workshops, catering to both businesses and individuals alike.


Allow me show you how to make wardrobe an asset to your life and creative projects.

Jasenya Q. McCauley, Owner


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