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About Styld n' EMRGD

Jasenya McCauley, Owner of Styld n’ EMRGD has been on a mission since 2017 to encourage businesses and individuals to utilize wardrobe items in an original and sustainable way.  


Born to and raised by a stylish family in Schenectady,NY Jasenya quickly developed a personal style and presence of her own. After hanging up her dancing shoes, Jasenya went on to earn 3 degrees, The first in fashion merchandising the last a Baccalaureate of Business Management and Economics with a concentration in small business management. After beating a shopping addiction she identified the need for a shift in how we think about utilizing wardrobe items and how to style from the soul instead of following trends. 


In 2019 Jasenya established Styld n’ EMRGD servicing individuals and professionals with image consulting, fashion styling, and wardrobe management needs. In 2020 the brand pivoted into business, creative and wardrobe utilization services curated to support other businesses needs in effective and efficient ways. These new services serve as customized solutions to everyday business issues. The pivot also opened up the previously known image consulting services to wardrobe utilization services that step into the enclothed cognition of individuals. This work is done to help individuals connect why they buy the wardrobe they buy with what they chose to wear on a regular basis with a goal to reduce wardrobe waste.


Styld n’ EMRGD was created to uplift your creative visions while ensuring that they make the strongest impact.


Our clients are business owners and professionals longing to take a step out the box and highlight their brands idiosyncratic message in a efficent way. 

Jasenya Q. McCauley, Owner

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