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Fashion Stylist, Fashion Psychologist, Wardrobe Utilization Specialist. What's the difference?

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

This week we will be breaking down the difference between Fashion Styling, Fashion Psychologist, and a wardrobe utilization specialist. These roles are often misconstrued by those in the fashion industry but have very distinct way in which they service their clients and patients.

Wardrobe Styling

This discipline focuses on the aesthetic of wardrobe items and the harmony or disruption of their union. Education for this profession comes by way of schooling, experience, or certification. Professionals in this trade have terms such as image consultant, image architect, wardrobe stylist or the like. The outcomes for individual clients and public figures using this type of service are constructed to make them look better with an added benefit of feeling more confident. These type of professionals also work with designers, magazines, music videos and other productions to help sell or display a look or mood.

Fashion Psychology

This discipline examines the interaction between human behavior, individual psychology, fashion, as well as the many factors that impact an individual's clothing selections. Education for this profession comes by way of education. Fashion is applies as a science under this perspective. Clients are guided to identify a fashion personality by exploring the and treatment of color, beauty, style, image and shape. The professional evaluates the effect these elements have on human behavior while addressing cultural sensitivities and cultural norms. The outcome of this type of support concludes with identifying an expressive, romantic, classic or relaxed fashion profile. These types of professionals work with individuals, educationional institutions, as well as clothing brands to help clients better understand how humans interact with wardrobe.

Wardrobe Utilization Specialist

The discipline of wardrobe utilization fuses both of the previous outlined with a primary focus on the following questions:

  • Why do we buy what we buy?

  • Why do we wear what we wear?

  • How can we ensure wardrobe items are used as assets as opposed to being a liability?

Wardrobe utilization specialist also do the work to educate fashion industry professionals and clients on sustainable wardrobe practices. Education comes by was of formal education and observastion until certification is available. This work slows the growth of fast fashion and the rate of textile waste reaching landfills. As of this date Styld n' EMRGD is proud to have the only known Wardrobe utilization specialist in its company and looks forward to doing the work to grow this craft.

Come back next week where we will be discussing 10 signs you are misusing your wardrobe and ways to end those cycles.

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